Buying Prints of Scotland

Some of the photographs on the site can be purchased as prints. These are shown with a icon in the thumb nail view and have a print prices button on the detail view. To see only photographs that are available as prints, visit the gallery.

Prints are made using Epson Ultrachrome pigment inks which will last up to 200 years or more depending on paper choice and display conditions.

Prints can be returned up to 7 days after you receive them. See returns policy below.

If you are interested in selling prints of your own photographs, go here

I appreciate that I may be offering too many choices with prints. If you are not sure about anything, please email me; with any questions you have and I will try to help.


It should be noted that the actual print will probably have slightly different colours to what you see on the monitor unless you have a colour calibrated monitor.

Print sizes

Prints are available in sizes up to A2. The maximum size depends on the resolution and sharpness of the photograph so some will not be available in the larger sizes. The table below shows the available sizes.


Imperial size ( inches )

Metric Size ( mm )


4 x 6

102 x 152


5.8 x 8.3

148 x 210


8.3 x 11.7

210 x 297


11.7 x 16.5

297 x 420


13 x 19

329 x 483


16.5 x 23.4

420 x 594

Note that these sizes are the size of the paper not the image, even for border-less prints ( see below).

Paper type

Prints are available on two different paper types.

Epson Premium Glossy - This is a glossy resin coated paper and is the only paper available in postcard size.

Ilford Gold Fibre Silk – This is a semi gloss fibre based paper which is similar to traditional semi-gloss photo paper. It is a thick paper at 310 gsm and is thus better for larger prints where it stays flat better than the lighter glossy paper.

If you are not sure, I would recommend the Ilford Gold Fibre Silk ( Semi gloss )


The prints can be printed with or without a border. The border size varies from about a quarter of an inch (6mm) on postcard size to about an inch and a half (4 cm) on A2. In either case, it should be noted that the print size may vary on one dimension due to difference in the aspect ratio between the photograph and the paper. Border-less prints are cropped to eliminate white borders. Prints with borders are cropped to make the borders the same size.

If you do not want prints to be cropped, send an email after your order has been placed, stating this along with your order number.

If you are not sure whether you want a border or not, I would recommend having one.

Returns Policy

If you wish to return a print, for whatever reason, you can do so within 7 days of receiving it and the money you have paid will be refunded through Paypal. Simply send an email to Picsmap stating that you are returning the print and you will receive the address to send it to. On receipt of the returned print, your money will be refunded through Paypal. The only cost you will have is the postage to return the print.