Picture upload guidelines

The idea behind this site is to allow people to see what Scotland looks like and to allow registered users to organise their pictures of Scotland by Geography. Therefore the pictures should be primarily of the landscape or townscape rather than pictures of your friends. That’s not to say, they can’t be in them but the photograph should be primarily about the landscape.

Indicate on the map WHERE the photograph was taken and use the caption to describe what it is. This is important so that people can search for pictures easily. For example, a photgraph of Inchcolm Island taken from Aberdour beach would have “Inchcolm” in the caption and would be marked on the map on Aberdour beach.

If you don’t have an exact grid ref for where the picture was taken, use your best judgement. Most of my photos are positioned that way as my GPS is a very recent purchase.

The date taken will be extract in many cases from the image file but in the case of scanned images, this will either be wrong or not present so adjust manually please.

You can upload large pictures as these will automatically be reduced to a reasonable size to reduce network bandwith usage and make the display a reasonable size.

If you want to submit photographs that will not be processed in any way ( so you can sharpen them as you want, for example), make the maximum dimension no more than 600 pixels.

Photographs should be jpeg format rather than raw, gif or tiff.

Only upload pictures for which you own the copyright.