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Landscapes of Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful country and you can get a taste of it here. You can find photographs with the interactive map or browse by place name. You can buy prints of some of the photographs and you can upload your own photographs and sell prints of them.

Loch Ossian
Loch Ossian
by Campbell Barrie

Find Photographs

If you just want to browse through some great photographs then take a look in the gallery. If you are looking for somewhere in particular then you can browse by map or place name.

Go to the map page and wherever you see the photo icon icon there is at least one photograph taken from that place. Click on the map to zoom in or see the pictures.

You can also browse photos by place name. Only places that have photographs are shown. The places are grouped by Scottish counties then nearest towns.

The map page also has a filter so that you can, for example, only show pictures on the map that have “castle” in the caption. See the help pages for more information.

Buy prints

Some of the photographs here can be bought as prints. Where you see the prints icon icon under a thumb nail view, then prints can be bought of that photograph. See the gallery of prints for sale and here for more information.

Note: The last order date for delivery by Christmas is 19th Dec for UK and 5th Dec for elsewhere.

Add your own photographs

You can add your own Scottish landscape photographs to Picsmap. To add your own photos just create a user, login, upload your pictures and click on the map to show where they were taken. See here for full help information. You still own the copyright to your photographs no other use will be made of them without your permission.

Sell prints of your photographs

Picsmap can make and sell prints of photographs you have uploaded should you wish. To do this, simply set the for sale option when you add the photograph. You can use the default tariff or set your own prices. For more information see here.

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