Latest News

11th September 2011

A donwload page has been added which currently contains two slide show videos. It is intended to add PDF documents as well to allow portfolios of work on a theme to be displayed. Contributions of your own PDFs are welcome.

10th September 2011

The largest print size is now A2 and the site has been changed to reflect that. Existing photos that are available in A3+ will be be reassessed over time to see if they can be printed at A2.

The watercolour and matt paper types are no longer an option as I felt that they were only suitable for some photographs and could result in a slightly dull looking print.

29th August 2010

Picsmap now uses the free maps from the Ordnance Survey which have been made available recently. For the full story, see this blog entry

21st November 2009

Users now have the option of having their real names appear with the photographs rather than the login name.

Users can add the name of their web site to their profile. This will then appear on the gallery page for that user as a link.

16th November 2009

User names under photographs and thumbnails are now links which will allow all of that user's photographs to be viewed.

12th November 2009

Changed the style of the site to place more emphasis on quality landscape photographs and less on just getting coverage of the land as there are other sites already doing this.

29th June 2008

Added a trial facility to download pictures to mobiles for a small fee. See here for more details.

25th June 2008

Added a blog of the places I have been visiting and other Scotland related things.

10th April 2008

New features added including buying and selling prints and narrative can have links to other photos.

27th January 2007

Added more intermediate level maps to fill the jump from 1:400,000 and 1:4,000,000

3rd December 2006

Photo pages now show the name of the nearest town and geographical feature

17th November 2006

New Features. When you are looking at picture from the latest page or browsing by place name, a button has been added which, when clicked, will show on the map where it was taken.

The small icon pictures now show who submitted them and the icon pages allow you to page through them using links at the bottom. The news page you are looking at has also been added.

You can now delete uploaded pictures you submitted if there is a problem with them

7th November 2006

I have created a new top level map which shows all of Scotland instead of just a bit of it.

The Firefox map browsing problem is now fixed

21st October 2006

The site is now on the internet. There are still a few bugs to iron out but I wanted to start getting my pictures on it. Feel free to browse and create an a ccount and upload your pictures of Scotland.