Most northerly point of mainland Britain

Most northerly point of mainland Britain

Nearest town: Dunnet

Nearest feature: Dunnet Head Lighthouse

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Dunnet Head is the most northerly point of mainland Britain and this is the lighthouse that marks it out to mariners. On a reasonably clear day, Orkney is visible to the north. This was not such a day.

On a personal note, my great Uncle, Tom Rendall was the lighthouse keeper here in the mid sixties. I still remember being terrified of the fog horn when I was about 4. I was staying here with my parents for a night en route to Orkney and the fog horn went for most of the night.

Like all lighthouses, this is now automatic and unmanned although the keepers house did show signs of being occupied. Now that fog horns are no longer used, this would be a nice spot to live.

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