Selling prints of your photographs

You can allow picsmap to sell prints of the pictures you have loaded onto the site for which you will receive a fee per print. The size of this fee can be set your self for each size of print sold or you can accept the default scales which can be over £10 depending on print size. A full breakdown of the pricing model is show at the bottom of this page.

You can see in the user account area what print sales you have made and keep track of payments to you. For full terms see here

How to get started

To submit photographs, you need to have a login on picsmap. You can go here to create one if you do not have one already.

The easiest way to submit photographs for print sales is to submit the highest resolution jpeg image you can when you upload the photograph. Picsmap automatically makes a reduced size image of this with a maximum dimension of 600 pixels for display on the site as well as a thumbnail image. The full sized image cannot be seen from the website but is used to produce prints. When uploading the picture, at the edit page select the print option "standard tariff" or "my tariff" and that is it.

If you do any work on the photographs with tools such as photoshop, don't save them as web photos as this strips off colour profile information which we want for printing. You should also not sharpen the image as I do this before printing and the amount is dependent on the print size.

The photo will not appear as having prints for sale immediately as I have to assess the sizes it will be available at, based on the resolution and sharpness.

If you have submitted low resolution images to the site already and want to sell prints of them, make a note of the photo ID on picsmap and email the best resolution image to me and state the image ID.

More Control

The photo guidelines mention that 600 pixel images are not processed in any way when submitted and so retain the sharpening you applied. If you wish to do this but still sell prints, submit the small images to the site and when they are loaded, note the photo ID. You can then email the high resolution image to me with a note of the photo ID.

This approach also allows you to submit images in the SRGB colour space for the web site but email photoshop files in the adobe or prophoto colour spaces. If you want to do this, please flatten all layers first to keep files as small as possible. As noted above, don't sharpen other than capture sharpening.

Pricing and fee details







Fee - This is the payment to the photographer for the print. You can set this to be any value you like or just use the default pricing.

Commission - This is 25% and covers the Paypal fees for the transaction as well as contributing to the costs of running the web site. Note, the 25% is added on to the fee not taken off it. This actually makes the commission rate 20%.

Printing - Cost in time and materials in making the print.

Total - This does not include VAT which will be charged to orders shipped to countries in the EU.

Postage and packing - this is charged once for the biggest print in the order. There is no additional charge for smaller prints.