Terms of use

Submitting Photographs

You retain full copyright of all your photographs. All photographs uploaded to picsmap.com will only be used for display on that web site.

The site is free to use for browsing images and uploading your photographs.

A valid email is required for account activation or if you forget your password but this will never be passed to anyone else.

Picsmap.com reserves the right to remove images deemed unsuitable or out with the intended purpose of the web site. See uploading guidelines.

Buying Prints

The prices shown on Picsmap do not include VAT which is added by Paypal if the delivery address supplied is an EU member state. The full payment amount will be shown on Paypal prior to agreeing the purchase.

Prints will normally be delivered within 14 days of purchase. If, for any reason, delivery will take longer than this, you will be informed by email.

If you are unsatisfied with the prints you have received, notify Picsmap by email within 7 days of receipt and return them. A refund will be given once the prints have been returned.

Selling prints of your photographs

By setting the 'Prints' option to 'standard tariff' or 'my tariff' for a photograph, you are allowing Picsmap to sell prints of that photograph.

Picsmap is not obliged to offer to sell prints of any particular photograph and can decline to do so.

You can stop prints being sold at any time by changing the prints option to 'not for sale' . Any transactions pending will still go through but no new ones will be allowed.

You can check at any time what prints of your photographs have been sold in the 'my account' area of the web site.

Payment will be made monthly for all photographs which have been posted more than 14 days previously. This is to allow for the 7 day return period for the buyer.

If, for any reason, a refund has to be issued on a print sale, the photographers fee will not be paid on that sale.