Uploading a Photograph to Picsmap

If you want to add some photographs of your own to Picsmap then you can. You must be logged in to your Picsmap user to do this. If you don't have a user you can create one here.

If you haven't done so before, please read the guidelines before uploading a picture. When you want to upload a picture, click on the "My Account" tab in the menu bar then click on "Upload Picture". If you can't see this then you are probably not logged in. Once you have clicked on this, you will see something like this: upload

Click the browse button and select the photo you want to upload which should be a jpeg file ( ends in jpeg or jpg ). Now click the upload button.

Place on the map

After a few seconds you will see the map browse page but it looks slightly different. There are no photo icons and there is a different option on the "Map Click Mode" options. Use the usual map navigation methods to see the most detailed map of the place where the photo was taken. Then click on "place photo":

and then click on the map at the place where the photograph was taken.

Add the details

You will then be in the edit photo page which looks like this:

This allows you to give some more information about the photograph. The various options are shown below.

Place on map

This is the step you have just done so only click on this if you want to move the photo on the map.

Nearest town

This will be automatically filled in based on where you clicked but you can override this. Click on it and you will get a list of possible towns and villages and how far they are from the point you clicked on, like this:

Select the one you want. This is used to associate the photo with a town so that it can be seen if people are browsing by place name.

Nearest feature

This is similar to nearest town but usually has more options as it knows about more places. Again, this is selected automatically so you don't need to change it unless you feel another entry would be better.


This is a short description of what the picture is of. This will be used by people searching so try and make it relevant. For example "Edinburgh Castle from Princes street" or "View north from Ben Lomond"

Date taken

This is the date the photo was take. For many photos, the date will be extracted automatically from the metadata in the jpeg. If this is not available it defaults to today's date. Accuracy here is not vital but try to get the year and season to be correct. To change the date, enter it directly or click in the button to the right of the date entry field for a date selection pop up:


If you want to give a bit more background information about the photograph or the place it is of, then this goes here. HTML links are filtered out although you can create a link to another photograph. This is useful if you have added a lot of information on one photo but don't want to repeat it on another. To add a link add something like [#photo=1 Seil Island #] in the text. When user view the photo narrative they will see Seil Island as a link and if they click on it it will take them to photo id 1.


This allows you to say whether you want to allow the sale of prints of this picture. See the selling page for more information on this.